Today when one goes to the nurseries, they find all sorts of colorful plants that catch the eye when walking in.    The problem with this is, in the desert, most of them do not belong here.     However, with the proper knowledge and skill, a vast majority of the plants will survive and even thrive here.

Most people as they consider using artificial turf don’t know the first thing about it.

There is more to artificial turf than meets the eye.    For example, most people assume all turfs are created equal.   Not true.    There are many different colors, manufacturer weights and so on.   Just like in carpet the better the yarn or weight, the better the grass.    Grass may range from a 50 oz pad to a 95 oz pad.   It may have a pile height of ¾” to 2” .   Most turfs come in a 15’ roll by the length you desire with the exception being a putting green.


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