Most people as they consider using artificial turf don’t know the first thing about it.

There is more to artificial turf than meets the eye. For example, most people assume all turfs are created equal. Not true. There are many different colors, manufacturer weights and so on. Just like in carpet the better the yarn or weight, the better the grass. Grass may range from a 50 oz pad to a 95 oz pad. It may have a pile height of ¾” to 2” . Most turfs come in a 15’ roll by the length you desire with the exception being a putting green.

First thing is to find a contractor who knows a thing or two about not only the product but how to install and maintain it. It is also important to notate the use of the artificial grass I e…will children or pets be using it. Directional also plays an important part. My first question would be “where it is going to be placed”. Turf can get very hot in the summer time. Your turf can also be melted by the reflection of a window or by placing plastic items like toys or kiddie pools on it during the summer time.

If I have a yard with a western exposure and children or pets won’t be on it, I then look for a reflection of a window in the area it is to be placed. Once I have established it is a good place to lay the turf, the next question again would be the usage. If the grass is not going to be trampled on, I may suggest the customer go with a lower grade of grass to save money. If the grass will be used by children, or pets, I will suggest a better quality of grass.

Finally the installation….We usually grade and remove anything out of the way where the turf is to be laid, put down a 2” compacted layer of Chat, place the turf, then nail it in using about one six inch nail for every 6” of turf. Finally we add the boarder and turf fill then power broom it. Many people will try to scrimp on the above. Our goal is to provide a quality product for a fair price.

Please give us a call if we can answer any questions.