Today when one goes to the nurseries, they find all sorts of colorful plants that catch the eye when walking in. The problem with this is, in the desert, most of them do not belong here. However, with the proper knowledge and skill, a vast majority of the plants will survive and even thrive here.

First of all, it is not only the extreme heat of the desert but the extreme cold that we have to be careful of. Some plants, no mater what you do won’t survive here. There are a few things one could do to assist with survival. First of all, know your plant varieties. We have many different varieties of plants in the same families. A euonymus for example, although they look very similar, has some species that like the sun, and some that will only survive in shade. So being able to identify which one is which will help in survival rate.

Water and an automatic irrigation system is a key element. You clocks MUST be changed several times a year with the seasons. Over watering is just as deadly as under watering. Having the correct amount of drippers and appropriate size of dripper for each plant or tree is also Key to success.

Soil conditions play an important role in a plants health. A soil that is clay based will not drain well and therefore drown a plant and stunt root growth.

Fertilizing and pruning, for some reason, I find people in the desert are unaware that plants like humans need nutrition in order to survive.

Remember these are just a few things listed to keep in mind. We are always at your service and just a phone call away.